Ballet Bloch

Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance
Professional Training and Performance School
Ballet Bloch is located on the North Shore of Vancouver BC. The ballet school offers the very best in pure classical ballet training, together with ballet body sculpting derived from the principles of Gyrotonic® and Pilates. Students experience an intense, individual approach in classes of small numbers, allowing the dancer the opportunity to pay attention to detail and work in an environment with like-minded human beings.

At Ballet Bloch, ballet is not only taught as a visual art where a dancer learns to create aesthetic line, shape, and form, but is also experienced as somatic-based physics promoting psycho-physical (mind-body) well-being. Ballet Bloch trains dancers as ‘artistic-athletes’, pushing through limitations, to achieve the highest standards of technical ability of each individual body, whilst developing the art of creative expression in classical and contemporary styles of dance.

Programs are available for ages 3yrs+ to 22yrs.

Our Professional students experience a unique opportunity similar to a professional ballet company where classical full-length ballets are reimagined and performed. World-renowned choreographers are commissioned to create these works and the collaboration between professional artist and student is developed.

Our Repertoire includes: Paquita, Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Romeo&Juliet, and Alice in Wonderland. The Nutcracker is performed every year in December and we encourage students from all over Vancouver to participate.


Auditions and Events

Summer Intensive

19-23 Aug


Summer Intensive

19-30 Aug


Summer Intensive

19-30 Aug



Our Faculty

Tracy-Lea Bloch

Artistic Director

My Personal Message

As a young child I was knock-kneed and pigeon-toed. My mom took me to many doctors, specialists and orthopedists – I had specially built up shoes and even had to wear my shoes on the wrong feet! Nothing helped correct my then “poor-alignment”. One of the last specialists who examined me said: “send her to ballet”, and that’s exactly what my mom did. Within months my legs and feet started coming right and within years I literally transformed from “The Ugly Duckling” into a swan!

I am so grateful that ballet presented itself to me and carved my most fascinating and unforgettable life. Besides being meticulous about alignment and correct body movement I had the belief I could be anything I wanted to be. Classical ballet gave me the opportunity to express myself with grace, elegance and artistic flare.

I believe every child deserves to dance – give them the opportunity and let’s see where it takes them!

I would love for you to meet our teachers and choreographers.

Dancer Health

Dancers are human – developing a “whole-being” is our goal to training. We are supported by collaborative professionals who enhance our programs towards dancing longer and stronger. Our approach to: prevention of injury, and developing mental and physical optimal performance, offers students a solid framework for a career in dance. Our programs have been established over seven years with close evaluation by highly experienced professionals in: classical ballet and contemporary dance, pain relief therapy, Gyrotonic® and body movement training, physiotherapy, Pialtes, child/teen counselling and transformational therapy.



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