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We offer classical ballet and contemporary dance training together with Gyrotonic® and Pilates body conditioning specialized for dancers.

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Balanchine Protégée Stephanie Saland Helps Dancers Connect With Their Desire to Move

Tracy-Lea Bloch, artistic director of Ballet Bloch Canada, regularly brings Saland to Vancouver as a guest instructor. Saland may love a good joke in the studio, but Bloch calls her “intense” and focused on getting the best out of every young dancer. Bloch says her students are always inspired after Saland is in residence. “She encourages a certain intelligence that ignites the intuition,” Bloch wrote in an e-mail. “It develops an honest way of being in the art of dance.”

Former Principal Dancer of New York City Ballet

This Summer (2023), Ballet Bloch offers two weeks of intense training with various guest teachers and faculty members.

AUG 21 – SEP 1



Emily Hogan

“I have trained with Ms. Tracy since I was 8 years old. I followed her from Pro Arte Dance School when she opened Ballet Bloch Canada in 2012. I continued to train diligently under her tutelage, always trying to retain the wealth of knowledge she gives. Ms. Tracy was instrumental in helping me grow as a dancer both technically and artistically encouraging and inspiring a growing passion for dance. Her belief in me helped achieve milestones such as winning BC Arts Provincials Ballet II and III and getting accepted into the highly acclaimed San Francisco Ballet School in 2015. It was a huge accomplishment for me to be able to attend this international school and it would not have been possible without the foundation work Ms. Tracy helped me build.”





Our Aspirant Professional Program offers trained dancers age 18-22yrs the opportunity…



Our Advanced Professional Training Program is for the serious/full-time dancer aged 15yrs+ ..



Our Intermediate Professional Training Program is for the serious/full-time dancer aged 10yrs+…

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Each year students come from all over the world to participate in our Summer Intensive Program…

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The Junior Ballet Program is for the young dancer age 7yrs+ who is interested in exploring the disciplines…

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Our Swan Lake Summer Camps are an exciting opportunity for children to discover their love of…



Children aged 3-6yrs attend classes once a week. Our young ballerina program encourages age…

NSAD Programs

2020 marks the coming together of Ballet Bloch Canada and North Shore Academy of Dancing in…


Our Faculty

Muriel Teague

Ballet Mistress

My Personal Message

I was two years old when my older sister started to take ballet lessons. I immediately fell in love with her soft, pink leather ballet slippers and I started to beg my mother for lessons. In those days schools didn’t offer classes for two year olds, but I continued to pester her anyway. When I was three she found a class for five year olds that I was permitted to take, if I wasn’t disruptive, and I was surely not!

My passion for ballet remained my focus throughout my young life, and my constant dream was to dance in a professional ballet company. Of course my parents insisted on college as the back up plan, but what we all discovered along the way, was that the study of ballet trains the brain for whatever you put your mind to. It’s not just discipline and mental focus that you learn, but the actual ability to use your brain to a greater capacity. Studies have now proven that the study of ballet can keep your mind young and healthy as you age!

Through years of hard work (which I loved), I realized my dream and danced professionally. After retiring from performing, I was excited to start teaching. In our journey as teachers, my husband Tom and I have owned our own ballet schools, have taught for other private schools and were also the directors for The Academy of Colorado Ballet.

Five years ago Tom and I made a big decision, we sold our school in San Diego and moved back to Vancouver to be closer to family. I am now so happy to be teaching at Ballet Bloch, to such wonderfully dedicated and talented students. It brings me such joy to pass on what I have learned, and to nurture and support the artists of the future!



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